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Proposed Projects


The Denison ISD Facilities Planning Committee, comprised of local business leaders and parents, completed its evaluation and analysis of the district, forming a unanimous decision about how to address growth and capacity levels at the district's elementary schools. The committee presented its recommendation to the Board of Trustees on June 18, 2019. 

Based on the committee’s recommendation and further information gathering, the Board of Trustees unanimously called for a November 5, 2019 bond election.

The bond proposal includes renovations and additions at Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary Schools to accommodate the growth in student enrollment at these campuses.

Learn more about the FPC and planning process here.



Denison ISD continues to see a consistent increase in student enrollment of nearly two percent per year. Over the past seven years, our elementary student enrollment has increased by 151 pre-k – 4th grade students, an average of 22 students per year except the past two years in which we experienced 36 students per year. A majority of this growth is in the Mayes and Hyde Park attendance zones.


Currently, Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary Schools have exceeded their functional capacity for efficient utilization. As a result, these schools face the following:

  • Higher student-to-teacher ratio in classrooms

  • Limited classroom space for special programs

  • Undersized core areas: cafeterias, kitchens, serving lines, libraries and media space

  • Limited restrooms

  • Limited parking and bus circulation

  • Front entrance and administration areas at Mayes are undersized

  • The delivery/ service area at the front of Mayes impedes parking and traffic

  • The interior wall of the courtyard at Mayes needs replacement due to instability

Take a look at what's proposed for each campus:

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